amazon gift bquizzy rewards your loyalty and your ability in trivia games play. For this reason we have created a loyalty program which will pay back our best players.

HOW? You have the chance to win every month a prize as coupons of $20.
The coupons will be an Amazon gift we will send you directly if you will rank on top of the bquizzy monthly rankings.

At the end of the month, the 3 highest positions of each topic in worldwide monthly ranking will get the rewards.

The program will start from 2016, July the 1st.... save the date!

How it works
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Choose topic and challenge players. If you win you add coins to your amount, scaling up the topic ranking.


Look regullary the worldwide topic ranking of the current month to check your position.


The 1st wins $20
The 2nd wins $10
The 3rd wins $5

You can play bquizzy real time trivia game. At the end of the month, if you are the 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the worldwide ranking, we will send your reward coupon.

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Stay tuned with bquizzy loyalty program

In the next months you will find much more than interesting news.
This is how bquizzy rewards trivia lovers.
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  • » Where can I check the rankings?
  • From the menu app, clicking on the "star" icon, you can access the Hall of Fame. Choose the topic and then the month.
    For the beloyal raking we use the worldwide one. This ranking will show you, in real time, the top players of the month and your position.
  • » How can I scale a topic ranking?
  • Playing quiz of a topic you can win or loose your coins.
    Each coins you win will be added to your ranking scores. The more you win, the more you grow.
  • » When I loose matches do I loose positions in ranking?
  • No. Only coins you win will be added for scaling rankings. Loosing coins will not let you loose ranking positions.
  • » Why I can't see my name in topic's rankings?
  • Because you never played matches in that topic or because you never won any match for that topic.
  • » How I can grow faster?
  • Inviting friends you can obtain Awards and for 24hours you can get a X2, X3 or X4 of coins you win.
  • » Do I keep forever the coins for ranking I got in one month?
  • No. Each month the monthly rankings starts again from zero. Each month there is a new competition.
  • » Do the coins I win with friend matches let me grow in a topic ranking?
  • Yes, but pay attention: the bquizzy team will check game matches in order to see if there are behaviour which can be damage for other players game. In that case, our team can suspend or ban an account.